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The perfect piece of eyewear is the one made just for you.
We’re launching BESPO+KE — where every piece is one-of-a-kind; tailored to your every preference, and shaped for the perfect fit.

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Why you’ll never see this anywhere else
With BESPO+KE, there is neither an assembly line nor ready-made parts. Your personal piece is assigned to a single master craftsman, who carefully crafts it from start to finish.

Everything is made from scratch — with options that span over 23 million possibilities — all perfectly tailored to suit your style and frame your face.

How is this possible? Here’s our secret: Our roots began in Singapore, but for nearly 40 years, we’ve also been the manufacturer behind luxury eyewear brands across Europe and the United States.

Now, we’re taking things to the next level with BESPO+KE — a first in Singapore, because we’re the only ones who can.
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Celebrate the launch of BESPO+KE with us
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